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18 Jul 2008

Mostly Boring Things, Some of Which Are About My Closet. I Said This Was Going to Be Boring.

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So, you people watched Project Runway on Wednesday night, right? This show is so damn good. I relish everything about it, even the contestants I loathe…like the tiny tan man to whom I shall hereby refer as Mango. What was Mango’s “garment” supposed to be? I couldn’t even find clothes in that thing. If you’re like me, you thought Trash Bag was on her way out, but I have to agree that the yellow glove outfit was truly bizarre. No matter your materials, I think clothes should still resemble clothes. Not things Dexter would wear to work on his victims.

I go back to work on Monday. I know, I know. You’re probably sick of hearing about it. I went up to the daycare this morning to set up Spike’s crib (crib bumper, mobile, giant poster of my face so he won’t forget me, etc) and while everyone was sweet to us it was still really hard. I kind of hate it when I fit so perfectly into the grooves of a stereotype, but man: I was the boohooing first time mother preparing to leave her child at daycare. Luckily the folks there are used to it and acknowledged me, but didn’t make a huge deal of the fact that I was dripping on the play mat.

To make the transition from household sloth to working mother, I have done some preparation. I am almost embarrassed to tell you about this, but here goes: I have made two calendars to keep me organized. One plots out what I’m wearing to work each day and one has what we’re going to eat. The summer between 8th and 9th grade, my mother made me figure out what I was going to wear to school every day until Christmas. While this was insane, and also a way to keep me busy and out of her hair for a few days, it was awesome: with planning, I didn’t repeat the exact top/bottom/shoe combo until March. While I’m not interested this time in no repeats — I could care less what my coworkers think of my wardrobe (near the end of my pregnancy I wore the same green polo shirt twice a week) — I am interested in not standing at my closet door staring into the abyss for 15 minutes wringing my hands and hating all my clothes like I am wont to do.

Speaking of my closet, it has magic properties. At any time, I can reach in and come out with a bag full of gross things for Goodwill. A few weeks ago I went through again and came out with the following:
58 shirts
12 pants/jeans
8 skirts
5 dresses

58 shirts, people! This does not include my favorite maternity items I put away for if I ever do this again and the decent maternity shirts I am giving to a preggo friend. The thing is, I give away stuff all the time. It’s my favorite thing to do! I love to watch Clean House and then get in my closet and throw everything away. I think my clothes are either like Gremlins or else the closet is Narnia.

4 Responses to “Mostly Boring Things, Some of Which Are About My Closet. I Said This Was Going to Be Boring.”

  1. Danielle said:

    I think that it is so great that you can fancy up his daycare crib. He’s going to do great, and you’ll survive. Good luck! We’ll be thinking about you!

  2. poobou said:

    Oh my lord, I haaated the over-tan guy. “Girlicious”? WTF? I hope Trash Bag goes home next week, because I already think she’s annoying.

    I think pretty much every mom is a nervous wreck about leaving her baby at daycare the first time. (I held it together until after I left – barely. Almost wrecked my car sobbing as I pulled out of the driveway.) He’s going to have so much fun there, and the daycare ladies will adore him because seriously, how could they not? You’ll be ok too. I promise.

  3. Elizabeth said:

    The reason for TVs existence is back! Yea and praise be to the Tim Gunn gods!! I don’t like anyone yet, but am interested in the girl who looks like a plain Jane type (seriously reminded me of Anne of Green Gables)–I think her name is Jennifer and am intrigued by the one named Kenley (just like her name). Tanorexic needs to leave already. He’s definitely a Christian wannabe.
    Spike will be fine at day care and you will be surprised in a couple of months how much you enjoy the adult time you have alone, even if it is for only ten minutes in the car.

  4. Liz said:

    I think you could make a business out of scheduling outfits and meals for new moms. Sign me up!