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17 May 2007

Month 4: National Poetry Month.

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1. “Why I Am Not a Painter” by Frank O’Hara.
2. “XI” (“lady you have written me a letter”) by e.e. cummings.
3. “Talking in Bed” by Philip Larkin.
4. Four haiku by Richard Wright.
5. “The Motorcyclists” by James Tate.
6. “The Vast Field of Darkness” by James Smithson.
7. “Too few the mornings be” by Emily Dickinson.
8. “The Cobweb” by Raymond Carver.
9. “What Matters Comes Slowly” by Charlie Smith.
10. “How It Is” by Maxine Kumin.
11. “Sprig Fever” by Margaret Fishback.
12. “On Being a Householder” by Alan Dugan.
13. “Riding the ‘A'” by May Swenson.
14. “Vigil” by Raymond Carver.
15. “I Chop Some Parsley While Listening to Art Blakey’s Version of ‘Three Blind Mice'” by Billy Collins.
16. “The First Poem” by Mark Van Doren.
17. “From the Dark Tower” by Countee Cullen.
18. “On Translating ‘Eugene Onegin'” by Vladimir Nabokov.
19. “The World and I” by Laura Riding.
20. “I Walked Over the Grave of Henry James” by Richard Eberhart.
21. “Recuerdo” by Edna St. Vincent Millay.
22. “To make a prairie” by Emily Dickinson.
23. “Circulation” by Raymond Carver.
24. “Game Before Supper” by Margaret Atwood.
25. “Thoughts for a Sunshiny Morning” by Dorothy Parker.
26. “Those Winter Sundays” by Robert Hayden.
27. “Untitled” by Sally J. Nordan.
28. “Tired Sex” by Chana Bloch.
29. “A Star is Born in the Eagle Nebula” by Marcia Southwick.
30. “Litany” by Billy Collins.

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