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2 Mar 2007

Month 3: Trying to Enhance My Vocabulary with Rare and Obsolete Words.

Written by sally @ 4:49 pm — Section:

Special thanks to the Oxford English Dictionary, aka The Love of My Life.

1. frippery — n. Old clothes; cast-off garments.
When I clean out my closet, I give the decent frippery to Mix; the ugly stuff goes to Goodwill.
2. panoply — n. Any splendid enveloping or surrounding array, material, or ideal.
While I do have to work with some particularly crazy people, it helps that I am in a panoply of books all day.
3. frample — v. To swallow or gobble up
4. frabble — v. To bicker
Larry and I frabbled over the fact that he frampled the last of the cream cheese brownies.
5. fracid — adj. Rotten from over-ripeness
6. quisquilious — adj. Of the nature of rubbish or refuse
7. retrude — v. To thrust (something) backward
Larry retruded his hand from the refrigerator after he opened the quisquilious cripser drawer and came face-to-face with some long-neglected — and therefore fracid — unidentifiable foodstuffs.
8. quemely — adj. In a pleasing, agreeable, or becoming manner; neatly, gently, smoothly, etc.
9. decumbent — n. A person lying (ill) in bed. adj. Lying down; reclining.
10. epicene — n. A person of indeterminate sex; an effeminate person.
11. garderobe — n. A storeroom, esp. for clothing or armour; a wardrobe or its contents. Also, a private room, a bedroom.
12. gumly — adj. Muddy, turbid; gloomy.

Uh. I kind of forgot about this. It’s June now.

13. setaceous — adj. Having the form or character of a bristle.
14. regalo — n. A present, esp. of choice food or drink.
15. pribble — n. Petty disputation, vain chatter.
16. oddment — n. An odd or extra article, a fragment, a remnant.
17. nib — n. A person proficient in a particular activity.
18. virilocal — a. Designating or pertaining to a system of marriage in which a married couple settles in the husband’s home or community.
19. unlicked — adj. Unfinished, rough, crude.
20. tucker — v. Eat; have a meal.
21. stuccador — n. One who applies stucco.
22. pusill — n. A weakling.
23. spang — v. To eat food rapidly.
24. oxter — n. The armpit.
25. ovigerous — adj. Bearing or carrying eggs.
26. noddy — adj. Foolish; silly.
27. struthonian — n. An ostrich-like person, one who ignores unwelcome facts.
28. noisette — n. A small round piece of meat.
29. matrist — n. A person whose behavior or attitude is influenced or dominated by the mother.
30. absterge — v. Wipe away; cleanse.
31. spandy — adj. Very good or fine; smart.

One Response to “Month 3: Trying to Enhance My Vocabulary with Rare and Obsolete Words.”

  1. mix said:

    I love your frippery, and I would have to say that the panoply of frippery that you have sent my way makes me feel splendidly ebullient!