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3 May 2010


Written by sally @ 7:25 pm — Section: sally

Get Me Out turned out to be a pretty good read if you like medical stuff/histories of stuff/gross stuff. Two words (one of which is hyphenated): do-it-yourself forceps. I started reading My Freshman Year: What a Professor Learned by Becoming a Student, but I think I need to read fiction next. I would ask for a recommendation, but I have roughly 8 quadrillion books waiting to be read in this house, and as I am stuck in it, I should read them.

I’m stuck in it because I have pneumonia. Doesn’t that sound DRAMATIC? It is the weirdest ailment I’ve ever had, and this is why: with a sinus infection, you feel rotten, then you start an antibiotic, and within a day or two you’re better. I started my antibiotic Thursday, felt worse Friday, felt better Saturday, felt worse Sunday, and still feel bad today. And the bad-feeling isn’t like “oh my [insert body part that is affected]” but “oh I have no energy” and “oh I just got some clothes out of the dryer and now I have to lay down for awhile.” I’m just not used to not bouncing back quickly from illness, and it’s weeyid.

One good thing about not being able to clean out closets and mop floors while I’m home (which is usually how I spend my sick days) is that I am watching an insane amount of television. As luck would have it, we are doing a Nielsen survey this week, and so it looks as though I am a lazy sloth who watches 3 episodes of Law and Order: Criminal Intent in a row every Monday. Oh, Nielsen. I would if I could. Bonus: today I saw one I’ve never seen before! This is unprecedented. Thanks, pneumonia!

I also watched An Education, which I loved. Larry is excited about this because An Education was my Netflix movie, and usually it takes me three months to watch them (or else he mails them back!). Which is why I have yet to see Julie and Julia.

omg do you remember when i wrote blog posts about what i did every day all the time how did we stand it

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  1. poobou said:

    It seems that suddenly a whole bunch of people I know have pneumonia. Very weird. Hope you feel better soon, it doesn’t sound like fun at all.