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15 Nov 2007

Models, Designers, and Dresses That Poo Fabric.

Written by sally @ 3:22 pm — Section: Uncategorized

So, Top Model and Project Runway in one delicious night!

First, though, Top Model is on my nerves right now. It is not rocking my world. Watching some bitches try to piss off an autistic girl who generally kicks their asses modeling-wise is not fun to watch, especially (as Lucy pointed out in an email earlier) when all of them have fucked up hair. Saleisha, your hair is not fashion-forward. It is the same haircut that DOCTOR BAILEY has on Grey’s Anatomy. Seriously. Also: do you remember that old Reach toothbrush commercial where the guy has a flip-top head? I think Bianca has one.

However, I enjoyed the PR-esque designer challenge on Top Model. I can never tell: is that stealing, or is it an homage?

So: Project Runway. What are there, 50 designers this season? Those apartment doors kept opening and designers kept pouring in. Since there are too many to keep track of, let me say that my obvious unfavorite is the hippie who made the dress that inspired Heidi to say “it looks like the dress is pooing fabric.” As if I didn’t hate her enough when she was making grass stains on her fabric — THEN she has to go and make a hideous dress, and then during judging melt off into a hippie wonderland where garments turn into haiku. I don’t like the dude who won, but I am hoping that he is a one-trick draping pony and will fail miserably next week. I liked Christian and the super-tubby guy but hated any dress that featured necklaces dangling off of it.

Mrs. Floon called this morning and was distraught over there not being a more challenging first challenge — bring on the corn husks, Austin Scarlett! — but I think many of the designers in previous seasons have hidden behind the fact that the challenges create unnatural designing situations, and oh, if only they could do whatever they wanted, they would blow the judges away. Maybe they got this potential away-blowing out of the way now so everyone knows what people are capable of. You know. Like making ugly dresses.

One Response to “Models, Designers, and Dresses That Poo Fabric.”

  1. poobou said:

    I thought of you when Heidi said the line about pooing fabric because I knew you were going to love that as much as I did. I also hated the hippie girl, but I think they kept her around to see what batshit insane thing she’s going to do next. I think she’s going to be sort of like this season’s Angela (oh she of the never-ending rosettes).

    I didn’t much like the guy who won either, and I don’t know why no one commented on the fact that his dress made the model’s boobs look really weird. And why did they like Victorya’s dress? Those strappy things just looked like the girl’s bra straps fell down.