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8 Nov 2010

Mental Rolodex Says: Places Stuck In.

Written by sally @ 8:53 am — Section: sally

I took Spike to a birthday party this weekend. Here is why I will never be able to fully mesh with the other parents. We were watching our kids play on some elaborate playground equipment with tunnels and passageways.

Someone’s mom: Uh-oh, looks like Billy is stuck up there.
Me: Hmm.
Someone’s mom: At a party at one of those bouncy places, Susie got stuck and they had to get someone who worked there to get her out!
Me: Oh, wow.
Me: Hey, do you remember how on the McDonald’s playground, they used to have that hamburger tree thing that you could go into?
Someone’s mom: Sort of.
Me: When I was 17 I got stuck in one of those. Well, actually, my butt did.
Someone’s mom (looks at me, squints eyes): Are you serious?


3 Responses to “Mental Rolodex Says: Places Stuck In.”

  1. poobou said:

    See, if I had been at that party, that story would’ve instantly made you My New Best Friend.

  2. vendela said:

    was it the hamburgler thing, where you crawled around in his head between the plastic pattie and the bun? i loved that thing.

  3. Ruby said:

    When I was four I fell from the porthole window at the top of one of these all the way to the bottom. I broke my arm and missed the Wizard of Oz.