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21 Apr 2017


Written by sally @ 2:48 pm — Section: sally

Yesterday in a meeting we got on a tangent and were telling airport stories. My usual one is that because I grew up in the Dallas area, D/FW airport is the main airport I ever encountered. I didn’t do a lot of traveling, but I did do a lot of dropping off of boyfriends or parents at the airport. Anyway, when I moved to Mississippi, a friend asked me to pick him up at the Jackson airport and when I drove up I thought I was at the annex/garage/woodshed of the REAL airport. Ha ha ha Jackson is small and terrible ha ha.

But yesterday I was thinking about how I did have to drop off/pick up my college boyfriend a lot — he worked as a trainer for a big box store and flew around training people how to sell TVs and camcorders. One day I was waiting for him — and this was in the mid 90s, when you waited at the gate — and I got to talking with an woman in her 40s who thought it was very romantic that I was picking up my boyfriend.

She sort of wistfully talked about her college boyfriend, and her current boyfriend, and I felt guilty for thinking that I was probably going to break up with mine soon.


Once I started thinking about this moment, I saw the scene: it was dark, and we were standing at the window looking at the plane. Except the plane wasn’t there yet, so that wasn’t right. The woman was very old and wore a scarf on her head. Except she wasn’t that old. It occurred to me that I’d merged the actual event with this scene from Moonstruck (watch it all, or zoom to 1:00 to begin):

Oh, memory, you scamp. This is why I don’t believe anything anyone ever tells me.

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