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30 Mar 2010

Marketing Genius.

Written by sally @ 9:04 am — Section: sally

Is there a contest where if you catch Russell Brand in a butterfly net at a Best Buy, you get a prize? Or did I have the most fantastic dream of all time this morning?

Dream sources:
1. Burger King “Where’s Herb?” campaign
2. Too many repeat viewings of Forgetting Sarah Marshall
3. Any number of Looney Toons cartoons involving people getting caught in butterfly nets

2 Responses to “Marketing Genius.”

  1. Professor Fury said:

    I’m actually sort of surprised to discover via your wikipedia link that the “Where’s Herb?” campaign was considered a flop. I assumed that because I, too, remember it vividly, it must have been a big hit. I do have a very specific recollection of reading a list of guidelines that Burger King printed up about how to approach Herb if you did indeed see him. They were concerned that everyone remain very calm.

  2. sally said:

    I didn’t read the full Wikipedia entry until just now. It only ran for three months?!