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28 Oct 2010

Lunch List.

Written by sally @ 11:25 am — Section: sally

Today during lunch I completed the following tasks:
1. went to Dollar Tree
2. avoided scary man outside of Dollar Tree
3. bought plates and napkins for Spike’s school Halloween harvest party tomorrow because I couldn’t remember if I signed up for plates or napkins
4. bought the cutest tiny tin of Danish butter cookies you ever did see
5. avoided scary man outside of Dollar Tree while walking to Fred’s next door
6. bought eggs and Hershey’s Kisses for cookie making tonight
7. listened to an argument between two Fred’s employees about who worked on Saturday (they both claim to, but one didn’t believe the other)
8. I was filling in for Monique, ok? because her auntie died
9. well I was here all day and I didn’t see you
10. yes I was here in the morning
11. well I was here from 10-9, 10-9
12. then muttering about how she needs to find a job where she doesn’t work weekends
13. went to Subway
14. I haven’t been to Subway in five years
15. now I remember why
16. it’s not that good
17. although it does smell great
18. maybe I should just go in and inhale deeply
19. there was a super hot/trashy girl sitting with a giant fat man
20. it was apparently a job interview
21. what kind of job is it where someone says, “Let’s meet at ye olde Subwaye to discuss”?
22. came back to work with two minutes to spare!
23. not that anyone is paying any attention

4 Responses to “Lunch List.”

  1. gorjus said:

    1. This is DELIGHTFUL.
    2. Or is it?

  2. Jay said:

    Fred’s sells eggs?

  3. sally said:

    They have a sketchy milk and dairy case. One day, maybe we will have a Dollar Tree with such a thing. (I have seen this in other states!) (Yes, I visit the Dollar Tree in other states!)

  4. Danielle said:

    gorjus is right: delightful.