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23 Nov 2006

Lucky Pants, or Happy Thanksgiving.

Written by sally @ 9:51 pm — Section: sally

Ooh, look! It’s totally still Thanksgiving, and I am totally not cheating and messing with the timestamp in WordPress!

Anyway. Larry and Larry’s dad and Larry’s screaming brother Zippy and I went to see Casino Royale “today,” and I have to say that it was awesome. People: I do not enjoy James Bond movies. The girls are too stupid for me. But this! This was a real movie! Daniel Craig is a superhero, not a smarmy smart-ass who gets laid a lot (although Daniel Craig as Bond does, in fact, get laid a lot). Also: you should see the ass on this man. It is worth the money just to see him walk around in his perfectly fitted pants. At one point I thought to myself, those pants are so lucky. I would’ve leaned over and told Larry this thought, only the theatre was packed and I was sitting abobut 8 seats over from Larry and next to an old guy who sighed a lot.

That is your Thanksgiving weekend movie recommendation.

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