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17 Feb 2010

Little Bullet, Big Head.

Written by sally @ 9:16 am — Section: sally

I was just trying to think of what Mary Jo Buttafuoco’s autobiography was called, and said this to my coworker (who did not know about Amy Fisher/Joey Buttafuoco/Mary Jo Buttafuoco):

It’s something like, Yo, My Head Is Too Big for a Bullet. Or Hey, You Shot Me In the Head But It Bounced Off, So I’m Ok. Or maybe Little Bullet, Big Head. Something like that.

Then I checked, and the actual title is: Getting It Through My Thick Skull.

2 Responses to “Little Bullet, Big Head.”

  1. poobou said:

    Wow. Had no idea that Mary Jo Buttafuoco even had an autobiography, nevermind that it was so awesomely titled.

    And, uh, exactly how young is your co-worker?

  2. sally said:

    She is around my age, but just blissfully unaware of the Long Island Lolita.