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8 Oct 2007

Les Nuggettes.

Written by sally @ 8:46 pm — Section: Uncategorized

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Might be the best combo of all time. An almost Massengill-related religious tag and FRIED — on a motorcycle, no less.

• Remember the meeting I was dreading last week? Apparently worrying about things to the extent that you do not consider that things can go smoothly is the way to go, as the meeting was a dream. A dream, I tell you! There was no train whistle syndrome — I spoke, and people responded as if they had heard what I said — and I only sweated one bucket’s worth instead of the four buckets’ worth I had planned on. Plus, there were cookies. Success!

• TV update: did anyone watch Pushing Daisies? If so, are you in love? Did you find it adorable and charming? Do you yearn to know a 4’11” lady named Olive Snook? The rest of the series may turn into a Wizard of Oz-inspired Murder She Wrote, but damn. That first episode was one of the sweetest things ever.

I don’t know if you were aware of this or not, but my BFF Law and Order: Criminal Intent got booted from NBC and is now housed on USA. I am pleased to report that the formula of evil genius commits crime while wearing rare Bolivian tennis shoes, crime is solved by Detective Goren who, incidentally, spent a summer in Bolivia working at the tennis shoe factory is intact.

• Also, internet, I have been keeping something from you. It appears that I am pregnant. You know, with a baby. At least we think it’s a baby. The sonogram looked like a baby, but I had a dream it was twin kittens, so that possibility is still up in the air. I’m telling you this because I can no longer keep the nausea/vomit talk to myself. Congratulations, internet! You’re going to be an aunt/uncle!

23 Responses to “Les Nuggettes.”

  1. poobou said:

    AAAHHH!!! Baby baby baby!!!! Oh my god, I’m so excited for you guys! We’ll have to start having playdates when I’m in Jaxxon visiting my folks.

    I love the way you threw that in at the end like “oh by the way…” You know, no big deal. Just having a baby. Squee!!

    Bring on the vomit talk!

  2. poobou said:

    P.S. The twin kitten dream is totally normal. Prepare yourself for some really bizarre dreams and/or nightmares over the next several months.

  3. e* said:


    What?!! Baby?!!


    I guess you’ll want to be hanging on to this blog post. In the future, you can say, “Hey, baby. Here’s where I told the world about you.”

  4. jaysus said:

    yay, baby!

  5. Elizabeth said:

    Congrats to both of you! I wish you well. I am looking forward to coming to Jackson with my newest little one and the oldest little one to visit your idget!! Larry, I can’t believe you are going to be a dad. Is this the same Larry who used to almost drink me under the bar at the Grocery every afternoon? Love must have changed the man. I am extremely excited for you and look forward to sending you countless baby items with feet and animals all over them from Target (not all the white clothes from the baby shower from hell posting)

  6. tlg said:

    Hey, congrats!

  7. gorjus said:

    YES, BABY!! I am going to be Uncle Twin Kittens!! Or, something.

    Also, Sally looks AMAZING right now.

  8. The Diplomat said:



  9. bizaleth said:

    Hey, I’m only 5′. The doctors said I was only going to be 4’11”–boy, did I show them.

    And a baby? Congratulations!

  10. Sara Leah said:

    Congratulations Lady!

  11. beth said:

    way to bury the lead.

  12. Ramona said:

    You are going to be such a fun mom! I can’t wait to see photos of how you decorate the baby’s room. Congratulations!

  13. Professor Fury said:

    Congrats, Sal! The nice thing is that I know you’ll be happy with a baby *or* with twin kittens; it’s that easygoing, adaptable spirit that will make you a great mom and/or pet owner.

  14. liz said:

    Oh my god!!! I’m so excited for you and for subsequent baby blogging! I can’t stop using exclamation points! Baby!

  15. PrettyFakes » Blog Archive » Executrix! said:

    […] Gorjus: Executrixie having a will drawn up today Sally: awesome. i would love to be your executrix. […]

  16. lisa said:

    That is great news! Congratulations to you guys! You’ll be surprised at how quickly it goes- enjoy taking advantage of saying what you want whenever you want and getting away with it!

  17. gclark said:

    congrats sally!

  18. bulb said:

    Mwegga Dittoes on the congrats.

  19. Danielle said:

    Hooray for babies! Many congrats to the Nordan-Ferarris.

  20. RD said:

    I am very happy for you both! Please post/send pictures of your progress as a mom-to-be.

  21. herman rarebell said:

    now larry will have somebody to hold the other end of the tape measure. awwwww.

  22. brd said:

    How wonderful! Absolutely nothing in life compares to this! Congratulations

  23. Lauren said:

    Very exciting. Pregnant now and hoping one of the bloggers I read would be so at the same time. Dreamz come true