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13 Jun 2007

Jutht a Note.

Written by sally @ 10:58 am — Section: Uncategorized

Dear Internet,

The other day I was doing a bit of chatting with my friend J. Bubba Cots, and he started typing as if he had a lisp. People: thith ith the funnietht thing ever. Try it! You won’t be able to thtop, ethpecially when you dithcover a particularly good lithpy word. Like thuckth. Or et thetera. Or The Thopranoth.

Thintherely yourth,

P. Eth. I am tho exthited about Top Chef thtarting tonight. On latht week’th reunion/thmackdown, every time a theathon one perthon (perthon!) came on the thcreen, I thaid, aw, I mithed him. Even Thteven. Theathon two? Eh, not tho much.

2 Responses to “Jutht a Note.”

  1. e* said:

    Sally, what I failed to tell you was that this all came to me because I wanted some candy. I was thinking “I sure could use a Snickers. OR Skittles.” I was reminiscing about a family vacation with my cousin Jon, back when were just little kids, and how he had a lisp, and how he would get really excited about candy: “Hey, can I borrow fifty centh?! The thnack machine in the lobby has Thnickerth! And Thkittleth!”

    Jon also really liked crab clawth.

  2. sally said:

    Dude, who DOETHN’T like crab clawth?