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25 Feb 2011

Julia Forever.

Written by sally @ 9:05 am — Section: sally

I’ve been watching old episodes of Julia Child lately, and there are two striking differences between her show and every single cooking show on television today:
1. Julia is imperfect. She drops stuff, her pans are old, her presentation sucks, she burns the food. You can totally do this, she is saying.
2. Julia is not trying to win you over via her boobs.

The more I watch, the more I am enraged about Giada. Giada: put your boobs away. You are ridiculous. There’s the boobs, then there’s the beautiful, spotless kitchen, the ten million dollar range, the fact that nothing spills, everything is perfect, perfect. (I am not going to address the foodgasm at the end.) Whereas on an episode of “The French Chef” where Julia makes a chicken dish favored by Napoleon, she brandishes a sword and hacks away at a raw chicken with it! And then clumsily tosses the sword away, all the while with her boobs safely covered. She made a chocolate cake the other day and said about the batter left in the bowl: “I’m going to eat that later, all by myself.” Yes. YES, JULIA. I am with you. Do not dip your finger in the bowl and lick it while giggling at the camera. Leave that to SOME OTHER PEOPLE.

4 Responses to “Julia Forever.”

  1. bulb said:

    The old Galloping Gourmet’s are fun as well and his new heart healthy cooking show where he makes lighter versions of classics is good. My favorite cooking show ever was Cooking at the Academy (California Culniary that is), a KQED production shown on members PBS stations in late 80s /early 90s. Each show was themed around a technique like say sauteeing. Each class/video had whatever instructor specialized in that stuff at CCA, and they generally ran in real time so you saw everything. I learned an awful lot from them; like a free culinary degree almost.

  2. Vendela said:

    Also Julia was an awesome SPY who wrote: I cannot trust a skinny chef. Giada might fake a foodgasm, but she can’t be swallowing all that pasta for reals.

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  4. ap said:

    Well said!