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23 Sep 2010

I’ve Forgotten How to Write One of These, Apparently.

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Oh, hello!

It’s very strange outside these days. Around 6, the sky darkens like it’s going to rain, only it never rains. Last night Spike and I went outside to play after dinner (the super organic, healthy combo of canned peaches, frozen corny dog) and I realized that even though it was still hot, this is our version of the beginning of fall. Leaves are falling (they are green leaves) and the wind is blowing and it is getting darker. Only it’s 93 degrees outside at 6 pm.

Yesterday would’ve been my ninth wedding anniversary with my ex-husband, and do you know that he didn’t even email me? In fact, I discovered that he blocked me on Facebook! THE NERVE. In related anniversary news, if my mother had never broken up with my college boyfriend semi-against my will but because I was really passive I just let it go, we would’ve been together 17 years as of Tuesday.

Man, I should update more often. I’ve forgotten how to do this.

A few months ago this weirdo I made out with once in 2002 kept popping up on Facebook chat. I was fine with talking to him, but he never understands anything I say, never gets that I’m kidding 98% of the time, etc. He asked if I was doing anything creative lately (I think he had me confused with someone else, actually) and I told him I was writing a book about all the weirdos I made out with once in 2002. He took this seriously and told me that his ex-girlfriend had written an essay about him that really hurt his feelings because he felt she stole his life from him. I pestered him until he sent it to me, and man. I can see where he would feel that — she recounts some of the stories he told her about his childhood, which do belong to him — but it is so full of obvious love I can’t see how he doesn’t see it. I was delighted that in my extremely brief interlude with him — one make out, a few phone calls, a couple of times hanging out at a bar — I got a representative slice of who he is. The ex-girlfriend’s experience, obviously, was longer and deeper (heh), but it was still the same.

It got me thinking about how we’re all represented in other people’s minds. I always find it excrutiating when someone says, “Hey, remember when you did that thing and said those words?” and I don’t remember. Oh god, and then they tell me about it, and it’s like I’ve been talking about myself behind my own back or something.

I think I need some crackers.

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