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14 Dec 2009

It Suits Our Purpose.

Written by sally @ 9:55 am — Section: sally

This blog post made me literally laugh out loud. And then I kept reading the hillbilly part, excerpted below, and laughed some more:

“I hope they can start the car, when they get here,” Ian worried.
“Well, if they can’t, they’ll tow us home, won’t they?”
“Oh, yeah. Of course.” Ian was relieved.
“We won’t be forced to live here for the rest of our lives, like people you read about in the papers.”
“Yip,” said Ian in a hillbilly voice. “We bin livin’ here fifty years. It suits our purpose.”
“It’s a simpler way of livin’,” I hillbillied back at him. “We just livin’ off the land, well, livin’ off this car park. Back to Nature.”
“We jist couldn’ git home one night so we jist stayed here and we like it,” Ian agreed.
“When times are hard we jist eat shit,” I chimed in. “When folks park their cars and go into Sainsbury’s to do their shoppin’, we put the shit on their cars to heat up, cuz their engines is still warm. We cain’t do it on our own car cuz she don’t work no more.”
“We ain’t botherin’ no one,” said Ian. “‘Cept maybe the folks whose cars we put shit on. Sometimes they take exception to that.”

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  1. christy said:

    “Oh, Chwist.”