17 Dec 2008

O Come, All Ye Nuggets.

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1. Spike had tubes put in his ears yesterday! He has had many ear infections in his short life and his pediatrician (note: his dreamy pediatrician) recommended we head to Tubeville. It went really smoothly, although Spike slept shittily last night. I am hoping this is a side effect of the anesthesia and not the tubes.

2. Thanks for the book and music recommendations! I still haven’t bought/stolen any new music, but I did start reading An Arsonist’s Guide to Writers’ Homes in New England (uh, from no one’s recommendation) because I already had it, and so far here is what happens: I read a few sentences and start to get bored, and then a funny sentence will appear and I keep reading. I guess that is a fairly successful way to write a book. BORING BORING BORING FUNNY BORING BORING.

3. I returned someone’s call today and had this encounter:
Whoever: So and So Workplace.
Me: Hi, may I speak to Jennifer?
Whoever: This is Jennif–hold on, please.
(pause while on hold)
Totally Different Person: This is Jennifer, may I help you?

4. I am now Facebook friends with 50% of the little girls who were at my 6th birthday party.

5. I was trying to explain the concept of shared items on the Google Reader to my mother-in-law for the express purpose of telling her that I could see the things that my brother-in-law (her son) shared. So I said, “Yeah, so when Zippy reads something he really likes, he can share it and then I can read it, too.” Mother-in-law looked very worried, then asked if that was an invasion of his privacy.

6. Today I used my gmail archives not only to find out what I thought of a job applicant who I interviewed about a year ago (answer found in a chat: “instead of shaking my hand she waved at me like a contestant on the Tyra Banks show”) but also to establish when a former employee took time off (answer found in a chat: “omg rebecca just came in here and her tooth is dangling out of her head”). Gmail archives as a human resources tool!

7 May 2007

Dirty Mind, For Reals.

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Awesomely awkward moment with my 25-year old brother-in-law over the weekend:

Zippy: I just discovered Prince!
Sally: That’s great. Prince is the man.
Zippy: Why didn’t anyone ever tell me? I mean, he’s the man.
Sally: I know! Even bad Prince is good Prince. Because it’s still Prince.
Zippy: “Let’s Go Crazy”? That’s a fucking awesome song.
Sally: Dude, I love “Dirty Mind.”
Zippy: I know! He’s the man!
Sally: And “If I Was Your Girlfriend”!
Zippy: What?
Sally: “If I Was Your Girlfriend.”
Zippy: Then what?
Sally: (pause)
Sally: Um, that’s the name of the song.

23 Nov 2006

Lucky Pants, or Happy Thanksgiving.

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Ooh, look! It’s totally still Thanksgiving, and I am totally not cheating and messing with the timestamp in WordPress!

Anyway. Larry and Larry’s dad and Larry’s screaming brother Zippy and I went to see Casino Royale “today,” and I have to say that it was awesome. People: I do not enjoy James Bond movies. The girls are too stupid for me. But this! This was a real movie! Daniel Craig is a superhero, not a smarmy smart-ass who gets laid a lot (although Daniel Craig as Bond does, in fact, get laid a lot). Also: you should see the ass on this man. It is worth the money just to see him walk around in his perfectly fitted pants. At one point I thought to myself, those pants are so lucky. I would’ve leaned over and told Larry this thought, only the theatre was packed and I was sitting abobut 8 seats over from Larry and next to an old guy who sighed a lot.

That is your Thanksgiving weekend movie recommendation.

20 Nov 2005

Strange Fruit…but not the Billie Holliday Kind.

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This weekend included the following elements: standing by, amused, as Larry ate durian for the first time and confirmed what he’d heard about them smelling like rotten flesh and tasting just the same; cleaning the house with a methamphetamine-like fervor in preparation for our Thanksgiving guests next week; finishing a great, satisfying, amazingly researched book. (more…)