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23 Jul 2008

In the Garden of Nuggets.

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HEDYD4U (thanks, Professor Fury!)

2. I had this sore spot on my shoulder and started picking at it a little last week. When I finally took out my contacts so I could see it up close last night, I had a mild heart attack because it looked like a textbook photo of a melanoma: ragged edges, red, etc. I will save you the gory details about discovery, excavation, et cetera, but apparently there was an item lodged in my skin that then became infected. Guess what it was? A baby fingernail. I know. Let us never speak of it again.

3. Daycare, despite (because of?) my worries is actually going really well. Today is the first day that I’ll be at work all day, and you know, I’m ok. When I go to pick Spike up he is always happy and also breathing. He isn’t sucking on old wooden blocks and does not have stains and dustbunnies attached to his person. The mornings get a little hairy, especially because Spike doesn’t exactly sleep through the night and it’s anyone’s guess what time he’s going to wake up in the morning. I have to tell you that my clothes planning calendar is really helping, as is the additional insanity I added to my life this weekend, which was putting all the outfits for the week together and hanging them at the front of my closet. I don’t even have to look for the pants and top! I am an organizational wonder! Also perhaps insane!

4. The food plan calendar is also good. Here is my tip for new mothers, or anyone who needs to cook dinner quickly. While someone else is watching the baby, like on Sunday afternoon or something, I chop up anything that needs to be chopped for the week’s meals, like onions. I am not ever going to be one of those people who cooks the month’s worth of meals and freezes them, but I can totally chop a few onions and put them in baggies in the fridge. I also discovered that when it was just me and I wanted to cook, I could get it done — just not all at once. A few weeks ago I was making goat cheese and garlic stuffed chicken, and while there are several steps, I did them when I had the chance: at 2:00 I pounded the chicken flat, then put it back in the fridge. At 4 I made the stuffing and rolled the chicken up. At 5:30 I put it in the pan, etc. It takes some getting used to, but if you’re like me and need to do the things you’ve always done in order to retain your sense of normalcy about yourself, it can work.

5. Because many* of you have asked, yes, Spike’s hair is still awesome. Exhibit A, although it’s kind of dark:


4 Responses to “In the Garden of Nuggets.”

  1. Danielle said:

    Who’d have guessed that Spike would prove to be an accurate, descriptive nickname? Glad the week’s going well, aside from the fingernail.

  2. poobou said:

    Making dinner in phases is a really good idea, I should try that sometime. But I’m lazy and never seem to get around to the “hmm, what should we have for dinner” thought process until somewhere after 3 p.m. And by then, it’s kind of too late.

    P.S. His hair is totally awesome.

  3. lisa said:

    You are so smart to be so organized. I still feel overwhelmed sometimes when I have to make dinner and I’m home all day with the baby! Wow! I admire working moms a lot.
    Do you put Spike’s finger in an outlet to get it to look like that? It’s totally cute.

  4. corie said:

    Yowser. Does he need regular haircuts at this point? You are more organized than I am when it comes to dinner and all I have is four cats and a cranky husband to feed (or cook with, depending on the day).