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31 Jan 2011

I’m Ordering the Invitations Today.

Written by sally @ 10:40 am — Section: sally

I’ve been flirting with a lot of books lately but not really able to commit and settle down with any of them. I’m reading Bill Bryson’s At Home, which is great when you are in the mood to learn about when humans figured out how to use tables (it took a really long time), some P.G. Wodehouse stories (for some reason I kind of refuse to read the Jeeves ones), and this weekend, I read most of Letters from the Editor: The New Yorker’s Harold Ross. I recommend the Ross book if you’re a nerdy New Yorker fan OR if you like reading people’s letters OR if both of these things apply to you. I am adding him to my imaginary dead people dinner party guest list for sure.

This librarian named Corinne Bacon who wrote silly articles about reference service in the 1920s is also on my dinner party list, as I am inclined to believe she is my professional soulmate. Oscar Wilde is totally invited (but not Dorothy Parker because I think they’d fight — I also doubt she would be appreciative of the menu and would probably crack wise the whole time) but I am going to see if 1940s Cary Grant is available to serve. Oh, and I should probably invite that important guy in history who did the thing with the war or the famine or whatever. Look, I’m a very serious person.

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