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16 Jan 2007

Awexxome / Suxxit.

Written by sally @ 4:05 pm — Section:


1. La Creme yogurt. Vanilla flavored.
2. When TV Resembles Reality by David Hart.
3. This flickr set of Ron Mueck’s giant baby installation at the Brooklyn Museum.
4. Upon seeing my high school freshman yearbook picture, Gorjus saying, “I would not have recognized you.” Yes!
5. My Sonicare toothbrush. Man.
6. The Us Weekly blog. I check it no less than one million times a day.
7. The fucking kick-ass digital turntable my dad got us for Christmas. It magically turns records into MP3s. I don’t care to know anything more about the process than that. It is rad. (We just got it.)
8. Coca-Cola.
9. Nutter Butter Creme Patties. Oh, god. I forget about these, and then about once a year I suddenly remember, buy a package, and eat all of them within two days. So crunchy! So peanut buttery! Such a tiny picture with a large amount of white space around it!


10. Minced garlic in a jar.
11. The first night you sleep on clean sheets. Which for me is almost always Sunday night.
12. Cheeseburgers. I recently delivered a speech to a tableful of women about my love for the cheeseburger, inspired by one woman saying that she loves a good cheeseburger. I said that I love a good cheeseburger, but that I also love a bad cheeseburger. Also: I keep misspelling “burger” by spelling it “byrger,” which is totally how burger started spelling it once it went to college.
13. Bacon, tomato, and avocado sandwiches.
14. Oscar Wilde’s hair.


1. Reprimanding an employee in a nice way, hearing his petulant, unapologetic response, then getting mad and asking, sort of like my mom used to, “Is there a problem? ‘Cause it kind of sounds like there’s a problem.”
2. The ulcer that is eating my lip. And the dumb teeth that are sitting in the ulcer that is eating my lip.
3. Sending out an email to a very large group of people where I forgot the first letter of a word. I apparently told people that “this is ust a reminder…” Awesome.
4. Getting a paper cut under my index finger’s fingernail on the day that the water in the building has been turned off, leaving me to imagine how my cut will get infected, perhaps turn septic, and kill me.
5. The grody way lipstick remains look on your face after you’ve eaten a somewhat greasy meal.
6. Foot-eating blisters.
7. Strange, behind-the-eye headaches.
8. Having to explain your joke to someone. That is a sign that your joke officially failed. See, it’s funny because… yeah. No.
9. Tobey Maguire’s bad guy bangs in Spider-Man 3.
10. Sham optometrists who give you the wrong prescription, but then REFUSE TO REPLACE THE SPASMODIC GOODS.

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  1. The Oh Really » W is for Wednesday. And for the Wankers I Work With. said:

    […] Instead of monthly lists (found last year under the Vegetable category over to the right), which ended up giving me even more stress than my self-imposed posteverydayitis, this year I’m keeping a few running lists: 52B52WBNR, Cool, and Uncool. The names of the last two are subject to change. They have already changed from I’m Loving It/I’m Not Loving It and Hot/Not Hot. Suggestions for better good/bad name combinations are welcome. Yea/Nay? Bill Clinton/Roger Clinton? Civilized/Feral? Help. But if you help, make sure that the good thing is alphabetically before the bad thing. Because the links run alphabetically, and I don’t know how to make them not do that. […]

  2. Lucy said:

    I couldn’t live without minced garlic in a jar. I hardly ever mince garlic myself.