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11 Jul 2012

I’m Happy to Detail Other Thought Processes in the Future If You Want.

Written by sally @ 12:42 pm — Section: sally

How does the mind work? By association.

A moment ago, I was filing some papers. Well, sorting a pile of papers in preparation for potential filing. I’m not good at filing. Once a piece of paper gets in a folder, it looks the same to me, and thus, is lost forever. I had just knocked a folder into a crevice between my monstrous, impossible to move U-shaped desk and a concrete pillar. I sighed. I turned and looked sadly at the trash can, a symbol of where my career is going. There was a book next to the trash can with a candy wrapper on the edge. “Candy!” I thought. I reached into my desk drawer for another piece. Under the candy were some Batman fruit snacks. “Wonder if I should give those to Spike after school or if they will make him crazy,” I thought. [Fruit snacks always make him crazy.] I thought of Spike eating the fruit snacks on the way home. Then I thought about what I could give him for dinner.

And then I remembered the hotdogs that I bought at Target at lunchtime and that have been sitting in my car for an hour and a half.

Thanks, weird brain!

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