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9 Dec 2006

I’d Go the Whole Wide World Just to Find Her.

Written by sally @ 8:06 pm — Section: sally

Last night Larry and I went to see Stranger than Fiction — which was much, much sweeter and more serious than I expected it to be. It was funny, sure (we both laughed out loud at several places), but it was just…overall better than I thought it would be. Bonus: in Anna’s bakery, there is a Rogue Wave flier on the wall! Double bonus: the song “Whole Wide World” by Wreckless Eric is featured!

3 Responses to “I’d Go the Whole Wide World Just to Find Her.”

  1. melinda said:

    I so agree! We just saw it yesterday and I was super surprised at how close to teary I got.

    And hey – thanks for the song ID. We were wondering who it was by.

  2. biz said:

    I need to see that movie. I have been wanting to see it. I also want the soundtrack… done by the lovely Brit Daniels of Spoon.

  3. Mrs. Harridan said:

    I haven’t seen that movie yet, but now I am intrigued.

    The best part of the movie “Just Friends” was when the Rogue Wave song started playing. The movie was cute, too, in a dumb way, but I’ve remained semi-obsessed with the song since I heard it.