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11 Oct 2007

I Think I Mentioned I’ve Been on a Boring Streak.

Written by sally @ 12:22 pm — Section: sally

Top Model: how rad would it be if, before each makeover episode each cycle, Tyra watched the tapes of how the girls interact, chose the most annoying one, and then, told her “We’re going to give you big, beautiful Beyonce hair! Wait, no, sorry, wow, your hair is really damaged. Ho ho, now we’re going to shave your head!” Because I want that moment to happen in the future. And in the past. Also, if Tyra could smack Chantal down that would be awesome.

Also, did y’all see the Top Chef reunion show? Do you really, really want to make out with CJ now? Speaking of reunions, why did no one alert me to the Rock of Love reunion? Thanks, assholes.

This morning my boss called at 6:30 to announce that our building was without power and that we didn’t have to come in until 10. Woo hoo! Back to bed I went with a cup of tea, a book (Ellen Douglas’s A Family’s Affairs), and a dog. Then she called again at 8:30 and said, “Power’s back on! You can come to work now!” Way to ruin my morning.

P.S. Also, there’s this. I am in such awesome company! Carol Channing and I can totally trade undergarments.

5 Responses to “I Think I Mentioned I’ve Been on a Boring Streak.”

  1. bizaleth said:

    I want to make out with and marry CJ. But I think he and Padma are getting it on.

    How could you miss the announcements of the Rock of Love reunion show. I didn’t watch it–I had some work-related thing or something. I still haven’t seen it. But, I did read Rick/FourFour Guy’s summary of it over at the VH1 blog. He had lots of pictures, too. I also read his interviews with Jes. Because I am that much of a loser.

  2. poobou said:

    If you turned on VH1 at all in the past week, how did you miss the “Rock of Love” reunion? They showed it about a bazillion times.

    And where oh where is a real pregnancy update? I.e., how far along are you, how are you feeling so far, what are you doing to prepare the pets (besides Pete’s drugs, I mean), and if it’s a girl, are you going to name her Eudora?

  3. Lucy said:

    Nice haircolor on the none-too-attractive judge favorite Jenah.

  4. Professor Fury said:

    How are you liking A Family’s Affairs? I thought it was disappointing. And, um, crushingly dull. But that may only be because I was expecting CQYB-style metafictive pyrotechnics. I like Truth: Four Stories I Am Finally Old Enough to Tell a lot.

  5. sally said:

    I am loving it, precisely because it is kind of crushingly dull. I’m not in the mood for, you know, action or excitement or pyrotechnics. What a ringing endorsement: Loved your book! Was in the mood for dull!

    Lucy, yes: that color and weave is just WRONG.