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14 Mar 2011

I Tell Myself Maybe in Order to Live.

Written by sally @ 7:24 pm — Section: sally

Oh, maaaan, I have been slacking lately. I think it is because I have started reading again. In the past few weeks, I have read:

The Hunger Games
half a Sookie Stackhouse book I need to read for work
five pages of Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang before I became depressed that her terrible book is a bestseller
part of Great House before I just became depressed in general
Love Always, Julia
some of We Tell Ourselves Stories in Order to Live
I’m Looking Through You: Growing Up Haunted

I bought I’m Looking Through You a while back on the clearance area of some store, and ended up reading it last weekend. I really liked Jennifer Finney Boylan’s first memoir, She’s Not There, about being transgendered, but this book was also about being transgendered? Only now she can also see ghosts and grew up in a haunted house? And also it turns out her sister disowned her when she became a lady and the book is partly about that? But in a book about how she is all oooh I see you ghost at one point she hangs out with a real-live ghosthunter and is all rolling her eyes and going “yeah right you ghosthunter ghosts aren’t real!!!!1!” which makes no sense.

I have also been carefully avoiding watching any video footage of Japan earthquake/tsunami disaster awfulness, although I did accidentally see a photo of a scared panda holding on to a police officer’s leg, and that was enough for me.

In other news, my 20th high school reunion is this summer, and while I have been looking forward to this since I was about 11 (“I’ll show you, scary eyeliner girl who wants to kick my ass! In 2011 it’s ON!”), Facebook is sucking all the fun out of this for me. Today I perused the invite list and saw a few folks I wasn’t friends with already. And now I already know that they each have gained roughly two hundred pounds each.

One of them was this super nerd that I used to have dreams about because I felt terrible for not coming to his assistance. Once I was in a social position to help lower-tiered nerds than me, I should have helped them, but I did not. Anyway, that guy turned out ok. He really likes the Bible, has a wife who writes things like “Your an awesome husband!” on his wall, and has some extra padding to keep him warm (as well as a Prius, which led me to ask Larry, “Are Republicans allowed to have a Prius?”).

Anyway, I was scrolling through the 35 (out of our class of 504!) people who have already responded YES to the invite and I started to get a little panicky imagining walking in a room and having to talk to them, or do I pretend I’m too cool to talk to them, or if I hated them 20 years ago do I have to like them now, or what if no one remembers me, and then I just responded that MAYBE I will attend.

2 Responses to “I Tell Myself Maybe in Order to Live.”

  1. Professor Fury said:

    Please attend. Please, please attend.

  2. inosouw said:

    Nice post, sally. It is very useful to me. Thanks for sharing.