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3 Oct 2007

I Love You (But You’re Boring).

Written by sally @ 10:38 am — Section: Uncategorized

1. I am currently plagued by a person who calls me at least 8-10 times a day and announces things like “I just ate ramen noodles!” or “A wasp just tried to sting me!” Usually I take those lemons and turn them into freak-laden lemonade, but this person is ON MY NERVES.

2. I’m reading The Dud Avocado by Elaine Dundy right now.

3. The TV networks have conspired against me and have made Mondays and Tuesdays a vast wasteland, whereas Wednesdays and Thursdays are chock full o’ shows. Why is this? Also: as a person who watches Grey’s Anatomy in the guest room with the door closed as to avoid feline/canine/human interruptions and also to get my cry on, I was very excited about Private Practice. Until I saw Kate Walsh dance naked on the commercial 800 times, and then I saw her dance naked on the actual show, and then the show turned out to be assuming that since we love George and Izzie and Christina and Meredith, well then we’re SURE to love the middle-aged doctors of Private Practice, only I did not love them because I just met them, and now I feel gypped, and my prediction is that Addison will be arriving back in Seattle to perform experimental neo-natal surgery in a few months.

4. I am headed to Birmingham tomorrow for a meeting I am DREADING on Friday. Have you ever been involved in a project where the other people involved think you’re an idiot? When you speak, do people pause politely, as if hearing the winsome sound of a far-off train whistle, then resume the conversation as if you said nothing at all? Yes. This is awesome. My goal is to merely exist long enough to get through the meeting. However, Mrs. Floon has promised me Ro-tel Thursday night, so all is well.

5. I told you this was going to be boring.

9 Responses to “I Love You (But You’re Boring).”

  1. poobou said:

    Is the person who calls you all the time with boring info a friend? Or just some random stranger who has the number for the Research Emporium on speed-dial?

  2. sally said:

    It’s definitely one of the unwashed masses. If it were a friend, I could tell them to buzz off. As it is, I have to be at least somewhat polite.

  3. beth said:

    You should have watched Law & Order: SVU last night. You’d have had a lot of really bad writing to talk about — or at least to ponder, as I am today.

  4. Elizabeth said:

    Monday and Tuesday aren’t a complete wasteland. Check out Chuck and The Big Bang Theory on Mondays and Cane on Tuesdays. I can never get enough of geeks on TV (God, I miss Freaks and Geeks) or Jimmy Smits as the paternal type.

  5. corie said:

    monday = weeds. ‘nuf said.

  6. larry ferrari said:

    What about the time of the fancy dress
    When you came dressed as your mum
    And there I was splendid in my penguin suit
    So scared to show my bill

  7. herman rarebell said:

    i always suspected larry was a furry.

  8. The Boy Davis said:

    Impressed that Larry quoted the Beautiful South.

  9. sally said:

    The title of the post is that Beautiful South song title.