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5 Apr 2004

“I like worms.”

Written by sally @ 1:58 pm — Section: sally

I have mentioned that next door to my office is an $.88 Store. On the other side of the building, there’s a Family Dollar. You have to cross a street, and then take a little worn path to get there (unless you want to walk further).

The path is gross. It has bottles and cans and old diapers and oily rags and various scraps of paper and, I am certain, objects with bodily fluids on them. It makes me feel trashy to take the path because obviously, other trashy people who litter like there is no other option take the path as well. The grass is not high enough to make me believe killers are hiding in it. It’s just tall enough to make dumb people think they can put diapers in there and no one will notice.

I was going next door a moment ago to buy Easter grass–you know, that nasty, cellophane, not-anything-like-real-grass Easter grass you put in Easter baskets–and noted to myself that I could easily dump the 47 half-empty Coke cans in my cube out there, and the litter factor would not go up a considerable percentage.

I purchased my items (including an Easter card for my mom that has “its” spelled wrong:

On Easter Day,
Nature bursts into all it’s most
brilliant colors and splendor!
Savor the spectacle!
Happy Easter!

It was $.50.) and was leaving when I saw a potential problem on the path back to pseudo-civilization. There was a woman and her two small children standing in it (it’s a one person path), and the little boy was picking up something off the ground. His mother, who did not come from my building and whose use of the path is a little puzzling, did not look grossed out/concerned/aware that her son had just picked up something off the nasty, oily, litter-strewn ground. As I got closer, I saw that he had picked up a worm.

“I found me a worm!” he said.
“All right!” I said.
“I like worms!” he said.

I walked away.

And there you have my dealings with the public today.

In other news, here is the poem of the day. It’s Emily Dickinson, No. 1755:

To make a prairie it takes a clover and one bee

To make a prairie it takes a clover and one bee,
One clover, and a bee,
And revery.
The revery alone will do,
If bees are few.

What’s it mean? Click here.

4 Responses to ““I like worms.””

  1. woodroe said:

    Are you near the TIGER mart? Yikes! I’m sure you may find some live ammo scattered about your foot path.

  2. Sally said:

    There are a couple of marts on this corner, but I prefer tromping through the diapers, as I try to avoid buying cokes and candy bars from marts with bars on the windows.

    I think one is the Tiger Mart, though.

    Since you’re familiar with Southie’s marts, have you seen the KaKa Food Mart?

  3. gorjus said:


    in all honesty, i would have traded jobs with you today.

  4. gorjus said:

    I didn’t say that either . . . jp! change my damn name!