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8 Aug 2006

I Knew I Was On to Something.

Written by sally @ 9:25 am — Section: sally

I know it’s compulsory to have a blog and list the search terms that got people to your site, but I’ve held off until now. However, I checked my stats last night and was impressed.

I present to you some of the search terms that got people here:

suri birthmark
suri cruise port wine stain
suri cruise and wine stain
suri mystery
suri port wine stain
suri baby birthmark
suri wine port birthmark
port wine stain suri cruise
suri portwine stain
cruise suri portwine

6 Responses to “I Knew I Was On to Something.”

  1. vendela said:

    so everytime i visit a website, the folks who run it know who i am? that sucks. especially if you’re like me and search out old meanies from 5th grade in the hopes that they’ve ended up on pig farms.

  2. mix said:

    I love that it’s all about Suri. I wish TomKate would get on with the big unveiling!!!

  3. sally said:

    There were other search terms, of course. (Lots of questions about whether Keith Michael is gay or straight, people wanting to see Dorothy Hamill’s hairdo, etc.) I was just impressed with how many variations of the port wine stain there were!

  4. Liz said:

    Are those birthmarks always called “port wine?” Why do you suppose that is? Would “merlot wine” work, too? Also, where does “stain” come into it? I find this completely fascinating.

  5. vendela said:

    they have lasers that remove “port stains” now. there was this guy i went to college with who had one on his face, and i ran into him in the grocery store a month ago, and it was gone. it was much harder not staring where his stain used to be than it ever was not to look at his stain years before.

  6. beth said:

    I like port wine cheddar, and you are making me crave it.