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21 Jun 2007

I DAR2DRM of More Challenging Things Than Upscale Barbeque.

Written by sally @ 9:56 am — Section: Uncategorized

• Vanity tags:


*Note: Larry really wanted this one to be pronounced “abc slut,” like it was a slutty kindergarten teacher’s tag.

• Cat update: The merger is not going well. Last night there was a big fight where one of the cats made a sound I suppose a cat would make if it were put in a blender.

• Dear Top Chef:

You start out strong with geoduck and black chicken and follow up with…upscale barbeque? Couldn’t you have made them dig through a compost heap for ingredients or something? And then you didn’t boot off the guy who made a very upscale, gourmet dish called…regular old barbequed chicken legs? Dudes, that’s what I make. Also, that guy is a douche. And if they keep playing that clip where sweat drips off the end of the pudgy guy’s nose into his food one more time, I will die. Also, why don’t I hate Hung yet? I should really hate Hung by now. I also do not care for Seafood Sausage, although that was a cool idea, because he seems to think he is not just awesome, but extremely special as well. Whatever he said last night about his brain being a crazy place full of wacky ideas is right up there with the droplet of sweat that falls off of the pudgy guy’s nose. Into his food.

Affectionately yours,

9 Responses to “I DAR2DRM of More Challenging Things Than Upscale Barbeque.”

  1. liz said:

    Oh man, I missed Top Chef last night. But it sounds like I saved myself from having to replay sweat dropping into food images in my head for the rest of my life.

    We passed this car the other day: DRMHVN What’s that? Dream Heaven? Dream Havin’? Drum Haven?

  2. sally said:

    Ho ho, but the sweat droplet was in the previews. You’ll see it, my friend.

  3. Dotty Parka said:

    Re Top Chef: Why were the judges acting like they had never seen seafood sausage before and that it was so original? Didn’t Lee Ann make that for a Quick Fire Challenge in Season 1? Don’t they remember? I feel like I’m taking crazy pills.

  4. mix said:

    Wait, so how do I pronounce ABCLUT? Ab clut? A-B-C loot? I’m lost here! I only understand prayer-related license tags.

  5. craige said:

    I give up. What is ABCLUT?

  6. tlg said:

    Heh. Your Post-it lunch commentary reminded me Roy Blount’s book reading last night.

  7. liz said:


  8. sally said:

    Dotty P., you’re totally right. She made seafood sausages on the episode where she got booted off! I also just read a thing about how seafood sausages are an old school Japanese thing…which makes it triply stupid that SS thought he was a culinary genius for keeping his dish a secret. What also bugs me: that when the cheftestants describe their dishes, they always say “a little bit,” as in “what we have here is a little bit of pan-seared geoduck with a wild cockroach foam, garnished with a little bit of black chicken gnocchi and topped off with a little bit of frog leg remoulade.”

    I will never recover from geoduck and black chicken.

  9. larry ferrari said:

    A-B-CEE-LUT! Whatever, I like the idea of somebody who sells her body for the sake of educating kindergartners.

    I did have to hate Hung when he started trash talking the girl for missing her daughter. I forgive you for being arrogant in a kitchen if you can back it up, but taking cheap shots at others is not excusable. But I guess, that’s what reality shows do best. And finally, the “fight” between Joey and Howie was the sissiest fight I have ever seen.