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12 Nov 2008

How Do You Get This Job?

Written by sally @ 10:10 am — Section: Uncategorized

I have abandoned my dream of wanting to name lipsticks for a living. I now want to be the person who writes the descriptions of shows for digital cable companies. Larry recorded an animal show the other day merely because of this description:

Barking Mad. Episode: “Elmo and Ollie.” Horse refuses to be mounted; tortoise thinks it is a fearsome dinosaur; dog is obsessed with stones; rabbit is a bully; goat and pig fight.

Please note that the tortoise doesn’t think it’s a dinosaur. The tortoise thinks it’s a FEARSOME DINOSAUR. Because I haven’t watched this yet, I am imagining that all these animals live together and they all speak English. How else would we know what the tortoise thinks?

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