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16 Nov 2010


Written by sally @ 10:34 am — Section: sally

1. Can I please toot my own horn and remind you of this awesome moment?

2. In other news, if you’re in a public restroom where two people are having a conversation, does etiquette dictate that you wait for a pause in their conversation before flushing?

3. Vanity tag found scribbled on a receipt from Taco Bell in my purse:

4. I learned recently that frankincense was once used as a contraceptive. I am hazy on the details, some sort of root mash barrier thing, but I am delighted that the news came just in time for the holidays.

5. I’m reading Freedom by Jonathan Franzen. I am a little over halfway through, and find it infinitely better than The Corrections, which will always be a little ruined for me by the part with the turd (as will Gravity’s Rainbow, but that’s another story).

One Response to “Housekeeping.”

  1. Jen said:

    You ask an important question with #2. Perhaps etiquette dictates that you do not acknowledge there is a conversation going on at all, and flush without consideration for its progress? Or is that intrusive? Such a dilemma.

    #4 makes me wonder if the wise men’s gift of frankincense was perhaps a subtle hint to Mary 🙂