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28 Jun 2012

Hey Another List Awesome.

Written by sally @ 7:58 am — Section: sally

1. Y’all! The girl on Facebook who refers to her unborn child by name, causing people to think she is talking about a dog, HAS CHANGED THE NAME OF THE UNBORN CHILD, thus causing even more confusion. If I were the type to type SMH I would.

2. I got my hair cut yesterday and it is a tiiiiny bit too short. However, when you have super short, too-short hair, you just wait a week and then it’s ok. I am overcompensating for the mega short hair by wearing large earrings and a pink skirt today. Dear Everyone: Just wanted to make sure you knew I was a girl!

3. Just noticed there is some kind of fresh ink/grease on my pink skirt.

4. The other night I read the most delightful book: Daddy-Long-Legs by Jean Webster. The only thing wrong with it was that I didn’t originally read it when I was 13. I would have liberally stolen my personality from it and not, say, The Real Me by Betty Miles (I think I’ve mentioned this before; I reread this book a few years ago and was shocked how much of it I have chosen to incorporate into my brain). In Daddy-Long-Legs, an 18-year-old orphan finds out that one of the trustees from her orphanage wants to send her to college. What he asks for in return is one letter a month from her, updating him on her studies. She doesn’t know his name, but sees him leaving the orphanage one day and the shadows make his legs look like a spider’s. Hence the name. So she starts to write to him, then writes to him more often because she has no one else to tell things to anyway. She has two roommates, and one of them is horrible, and then the horrible one’s uncle comes to visit and Judy (our heroine) starts to like him. It is so enjoyable. And was published in 1912! It feels very contemporary. Judy’s use of ALL CAPS FOR EMPHASIS is especially contemporary. The only thing I don’t like is the title and the title’s hyphens.

5. I just started The Art of Fielding, and I’m trusting everyone who assured me that there is not too much baseball in it. So far it’s pretty basebally.

6. I didn’t realize it was a contest, but bizaleth wins the contest for the best comment in regards to the divorce post. It was this: “Well, shit.” Well said, biz!

2 Responses to “Hey Another List Awesome.”

  1. Danielle said:

    I promise it’s not too basebally.

  2. bizaleth said:

    I win! Do I get a prize or just bragging rights?