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21 Nov 2008

Her Blood Type is AB! And So is Pat’s!

Written by sally @ 7:11 pm — Section: Uncategorized

A few days ago I was chatting online with Mix and I interrupted myself to tell her to turn on Wheel of Fortune because Vanna’s outfit was particularly hideous. (Speaking of Vanna, the trivia on her imdb page is not to be missed!) A minute ago I had Wheel of Fortune on (shut up, I’m old) and tonight Vanna was wearing a pantsuit get up that had a sleeveless brocade top with orange sherbet-colored flowing pants. I didn’t have my cellphone handy so I googled Mix’s husband’s name to get their home phone number. I called, left a message about the orange sherbet and the flowingness, and then I hung up and looked again at the Google result.

Then I realized I had just called her in laws’ house.

I am certain that Mix’s in laws are very nice people, but once Mix told me that they thought the only pizza available in the world was a pepperoni pizza — there were no other toppings, ever — and now I am certain that the message I left them is going to send them into a panicked tailspin of confusion.

One Response to “Her Blood Type is AB! And So is Pat’s!”

  1. Mix said:

    I am so about to go over to their house and sneak a listen on the answering machine…