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2 Apr 2013

Having a Coke with Frank O’Hara. (Happy National Poetry Month!)

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I forgot it was National Poetry Month! That should tell you what kind of a life I’ve been having lately. Don’t worry, I’ll pester you with poems this month, but for now, watch this from my good friend Frank O’Hara:

Having a Coke with You

Edited a few days later to add: while I love Frank O’Hara, you know what I don’t love? Listening to poets read their poems. I just can’t stand that poetry cadence. And when a poet is reading aloud, you know what I’m thinking? “You think you’re such a GENIUS with your WORDS, don’t you?” When I read a poem to myself I think, “God, this person is a genius.” It makes a difference.

One Response to “Having a Coke with Frank O’Hara. (Happy National Poetry Month!)”

  1. Leslie said:

    What I love about this video — maybe even more than the poem — is the fact that when Frank O’Hara leans forward you can see that he seems to have a large and tidily pruned moustache growing at the top of his forehead, just in front of the bald strip before his real hair starts. It seems like a much more sensible place to grow moustache than right under your nose.

    Agree with you about poets reading aloud. You know who is the worst? Margaret Atwood.

    Love the Raymond Carver poem above.

    Thanks. Cheers.