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31 Dec 2004

Happy New Year, theohreallyians!

Written by sally @ 12:28 pm — Section: sally

Have a safe and drunken new year’s, why don’t you?

And happy birthday to Woodroe, whose birthday is always filled with drunkenness, merriment, vomiting, and making out.

4 Responses to “Happy New Year, theohreallyians!”

  1. bakerkm45 said:

    Are those activities in the order they usually happen?

  2. Sally said:

    I think vomiting happens at the end, but I am certain he has made exceptions.

    However, I did originally mean that people are always having a good time on the man’s birthday.

  3. woodroe said:

    Not so much this year. I stayed in (except for Thai House delights – where I ran into Sally & CO.) and made my girly-girlfriend watch Frank Zappa’s Baby Snakes. (great x-mas fun from gorjus)

  4. gclark said:

    it’s always fun to subject the new girlfriends to the basics. i made lena watch soccer on saturday morning, though i think she only came away with the conclusion that s.gerrard was cute.

    KFB <–not cute