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31 Oct 2007

Happy Halloween!

Written by sally @ 6:32 am — Section: sally

lonely goatherd.jpg

Last night we played Animal Costume Shop, which was great fun for all except the actual animals. My mother picks up dog costumes at garage sales from time to time so Lulu had a couple of costume changes. Because he is generally not to be messed with, Pete has gotten away with very few humiliating dress-up experiences in his short, furry lifetime. And do you know, he was a pretty good sport while wearing his wig? Look at his face — so demure! The second the wig hit his head I started singing “The Lonely Goatherd” in my head. Lay-de-oh-de-lay-de-oh-de-lay-he-hoo.

Here’s Lulu as a witch (she tolerated this costume the best, but being a witch made her really wiggly so it was hard to get a picture):


And here’s Lulu as clown standing next to someone wearing red terrycloth clown pants. Lulu apparently, like many people, hates clowns:


8 Responses to “Happy Halloween!”

  1. Jay said:

    I think the Bible forbids some of this.

  2. Larry Ferrari said:

    Orange makes Pete look, well, a little chubby.

  3. Mrs. Floon said:

    The little ankle details on Lulu’s costumes are the BEST!

  4. Kaya said:

    Pete looks a lot like my Matilda (who is in reality a male cat…long story). These two could certainly compete in the weight category. Mati tops 6.5 kilos. Though he has never worn a wig, he has been known to steal my keyring, drag dirty socks around, and once walked about for about an hour with an “I’m #1” sticker on his forehead.

  5. poobou said:

    I agree that the doggie bracelets are the cutest thing ever. Am I the only one who thinks Pete looks a little like the Wendy’s girl?

  6. corie said:

    The wig is awesome. I really, really wanted to get this Yoda costume for Irving. Maybe there will be one left over on sale tomorrow…

  7. sally said:

    Poobou, my brother played with Photoshop to make Pete’s wig the exact Wendy color (HIS Photoshop ain’t messed up).

  8. bulb said:

    with a little starch/hairspray, Pete could be Dave Thomas’ Wendy (like those current freaky ads http://youtube.com/watch?v=o0nbjSJfOo0) or Astrid Lundgren’s Pippi Longsatocking . . .