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27 Feb 2010

Happiness Is…

Written by sally @ 9:38 am — Section: sally

1. A baby successfully napping in a hotel room after a long battle.
2. Discovering one of your acquaintance’s sons has quit community college to “hang chickens” at a poultry plant.
3. That’s hang as in kill.
4. Chicken killer!
5. Did I mention we’re in a tiny, albeit charming, hotel room in New Orleans? Tiny and charming are awesome if you are travelling without a grumpy child in need of a nap, but sucky if there’s no closet/alcove to stash the pack and play.
6. I’m actually not complaining, as I am laying in bed drinking a Coke and eating a cherry
danish at the moment.

One Response to “Happiness Is…”

  1. poobou said:

    Well hey, who are we to judge if this girl is fulfilling her life-long dream of slaughtering flightless birds.

    Have fun in New Orleans!