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27 Jun 2007


Written by sally @ 10:33 am — Section: Uncategorized

I found an awesome recipe today in a cookbook completely devoted to rice. I’ve seen a lot of cookbooks devoted to funny things today, including popcorn (the book was called, no joke, Cornzapoppin’!). This particular recipe intrigues me for many reasons, but mainly because it includes bananas, cheese and IS ON FIRE.

Ham Banana Rolls

6 red bananas
1 tsp. mustard
2 tbsps. butter
6 slices boiled ham
1 tsp. horseradish
Parmesan cheese
Fried saffron rice

Serves 6. Peel the bananas, spread the ham slices with mustard and horseradish, and roll around bananas. Secure with toothpicks. Place in shallow baking dish, cover with melted butter and grated Parmesan cheese, and broil under broiler. Turn the rolls carefully once, so that they will brown on both sides. Have a platter of hot, crisply fried, saffron rice ready. On it place the rolls, pour rum over all. At table light the rum. Such a pretty sight!

(Quoted verbatim from Rice & Spice: Rice Recipes from East to West by Phyllis Jervey, Tuttle, 1957, page 178.)

8 Responses to “Hamzaflamin’!”

  1. mavis said:

    Last year, my grandfather gave me a cookbook called How To Prepare Common Wild Foods. He told me he bought it from a hippie girl he wanted to sleep with. I was looking through it recently and came across a wild game recipe that called for “2 cottontails, cut into small pieces.”

  2. liz said:

    Is it a joke? WHO WOULD EAT SUCH A THING?

  3. larry ferrari said:

    This weekend I am going to make my Boiled Bacon Surprise.

    4 sliced star fruit
    3 tbls dijonaise
    1/2 lb swiss cheese
    1/4 cup queen stuffed olives- sliced
    1 lb thick strip bacon – boiled to perfection
    16oz bag macaroni and stars
    Italian bread crumbs
    brown sugar, salt, and lemon pepper to taste

  4. sally said:

    The words “boiled” and “bacon” should never meet. But other than that, your Boiled Bacon Surprise doesn’t even sound that bad! Throw in some geoduck and you’ve got a party.

  5. corie said:

    mustard, butter and boiled ham a party does not make.

  6. beth said:

    I finally got around to reading your recipe. The other day the word ham made me queasy and I had to stop.

    I can’t PICTURE this. Would you consider making it so we can all see what a pretty sight it is?

  7. sally said:

    Ha! J. Bubba Cots and I have already made plans to make it when I’m in Birmingham in a few weeks. He is going to man the fire extinguisher. Secret: he thinks it actually sounds tasty.

  8. craige said:

    The key “does not compute” here is ham and bananas in the same recipe. Take out the bananas and maybe you’ve got something that could pass for edible.