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22 Nov 2009

Grocery Store Math.

Written by sally @ 2:53 pm — Section: Uncategorized

This morning I made a grocery list on two small pieces of paper, and then I meticulously rewrote it on a bigger piece and organized it according to the layout of my store. (I know.) I put it in my purse, and then later decided to just take my wallet and the diaper bag, which means my careful, loving OCD was for naught. As I was checking out, I remembered that I forgot parsley, but as no dish was ever ruined by the absence of parsley, I didn’t stress about it.

When I got home I consulted my list to see what all I forgot. Of the 28 items (and I’m counting “4 Golden Delicious apples” as one item), I remembered 22 of them. That is a 79% memory rate. Not bad!

In other domestic news, for years I have just dealt with the little shoulder nubbies that clotheshangers make on damp shirts when I hang them up to dry, but I have discovered that if you use a skirt hanger and hang the shirt/sweater upside down, clamping the hanger’s teeth on the very edge of the garment, there are no nubbies! Also, I am turning into Heloise.

One Response to “Grocery Store Math.”

  1. ap said:

    Excellent tip on avoiding shoulder nubbies!