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30 Aug 2011


Written by sally @ 2:53 pm — Section: sally

When you see a lady at a store in her 70s wearing a pageboy wig, dark sunglasses, full face full of makeup, gold satin shirt, white short shorts, pantyhose, and kitten heels AND is walking around with the aid of one crutch — well, I’m sorry. You have to pretend to text someone in order to get a photo of her.

It doesn’t do her justice, although her pose says it all. She would hold up a shirt encrusted with something shimmery and say to her homely companion, Oh, this is GORGEOUS before tossing it in her little buggy. There is something about her I recognize. I think she might be a part of my family.

One Response to “Grandma?”

  1. poobou said:

    I imagine her voice sounds like Harvey Fierstein with a Southern accent. Don’t tell me if I’m wrong.