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27 Nov 2009


Written by sally @ 10:21 am — Section: Uncategorized

While I felt slightly ridiculous for getting out into the Black Friday insanity this morning, my defense is thus: I left the house at the reasonable hour of 9:00 and went to Steinmart, where the $10 off coupon was good until 10:00. For hobnobbing with the unwashed masses, I scored a pair of cute sterling earrings for my mother in law for the low, low price of…are you ready? $1.64. Holla!

In unrelated news, for being such a turd of a cat, Pete is also the one most likely to sit in your lap and is by far the purriest. Stupid cat. I am currently locked in the back of the house with the said turd, as he attempted to slash the achilles tendon of one of my houseguests yesterday. Of course, he is sitting in my lap. And purring.

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