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29 Nov 2010


Written by sally @ 3:26 pm — Section: sally

1. I finally, finally finished Franzen’s Freedom. I cannot say I loved it. I enjoyed parts of it, though some parts draaaaaaagged onnnnnnnn (I’m talking to you, cerulean warbler). Apparently I have no imagination, because this is who I cast in the version of the book playing in my head as I read:
Patty: the mom from My So-Called Life (who, I believe, was named Patty)
Joey: Joey McIntyre from New Kids on the Block
Richard Katz: Richard Marx
Walter: this dad from daycare I know
Lalitha: Mindy Kaling
Jonathan: Jonathan from 30 Rock

2. Thanksgiving turned out fine! I strongly believe in the power of incessant worrying. The apple pie was too wet and the carrots, while beautiful, remained carroty, but everything else was great. Ok, maybe not “great.” But fine! And I am wearing some $5.99 Black Friday earrings that look like a large bird eating a small bird (original price: $36), so there is that.

3. On Saturday I was behind an amazing truck. It had a confederate flag painted in the back window, a license plate of TRIPP80 (Rankin County!), and these two bumper stickers: “Show me 8–then we’ll talk” and “On the 8th day, God created COWBOYS.” I had to look up the first one, but it’s a rodeo thing you wouldn’t understand. All this truck needed was a horn that played Dixie and some Truck Nutz.

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