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13 Nov 2009

Flu (?) Update.

Written by sally @ 9:44 pm — Section: sally

So it turns out I don’t have the flu after all, even though Thursday night I had the following:
temperature of 101.7 (!)
feeling of impending death

Friday morning I only had the headache, and a day of staying in bed, catching up on TiVo, and occasionally getting up to switch the laundry out cured me. I am well! 24-hour flu? 24-hour flu imposter? We’ll never know. I do feel a leetle guilty that this illness struck on a Thursday, making me call in sick on Friday, aka Fake Sick Day ‘Round the World. But I was sick!

In related news, I often have the pangs of guilt one has when one has to put one’s child in daycare…however, when I am sick/dying, I am super glad I have a place to send that child during the day. Score one for working moms.

One Response to “Flu (?) Update.”

  1. Blair said:

    24h flu-like virus!