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6 Apr 2012

Five Stars for Sure.

Written by sally @ 1:12 pm — Section: sally

Here is something fantastic: I’ve been reading Steve Almond’s Candyfreak, which is just one of the more perfect nonfiction reads. First off, it’s about candy. I love candy…maybe too much. I eat candy EVERY DAY. This is something I don’t advertise, because candy gets a bad rap (as it is, you know, bad for you). Also, it is infantile to love candy as much as I do. Secondly, it’s not merely some nonfiction writer’s exploration or history of candy. Steve Almond loves candy like no one else loves candy. Third, it is hilarious. Of course, I left my copy in the car so I can’t quote and prove it, but trust me. Fourth, did I mention it’s about candy? And people’s relationships with candy? I just read how one lady puts her Snickers under her leg to warm it up to almost-melted before she eats it. THESE ARE MY PEOPLE!

In the section I just finished, Almond visits Lake Champlain Chocolates, makers of the Five Star Chocolate Bars. He goes on at length about the quality of ingredients and insane deliciousness of these, and visits with a candy bar creator, who just mixes up pots of awesomeness and eats it all day. There is much discussion of the Hazelnut bar in particular, especially about the curiously light and crispy bits that are inside, which turn out to be feuilletine (thanks, Top Chef, for letting me recognize this word!). I was salivating.

Anyway, this morning I was at Fresh Market, which I never go to, buying a plant for my in laws for an Easter/”happy 41st anniversary I got you this $7 plant” gift, and behold! They carry Five Star Chocolate Bars! AND I AM EATING THE HAZELNUT ONE RIGHT NOW AND Y’ALL, THE FEUILLETINE IS AMAZING.

One Response to “Five Stars for Sure.”

  1. Liz said:

    Loved that book. I went on a crazy Mallo Cup hunt afterward.