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6 Dec 2007

Five Nuggets for Nuggday.

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1. Apparently you people are not that interested in bizarre holiday duets, or else you’re playing coy with me. While I wish with all my heart that Celine Dion and Elvis Costello would sing any kind of carol together, or heck, even a toilet paper commercial, it was actually the indigestion-inspiring combo meal of Chris Isaak and Stevie Nicks Santa Clausing it that I heard. Her part was pretty small; she mostly kept her Parkinson’s to herself except for a few moments of harmony. BUT STILL.

2. Has anyone read The Emperor’s Children by Claire Messud? I’m about a hundred pages into it and like it so far, but Claire Messud? You need to reassess your use of commas. Had I gotten the book from the library, I would’ve shut it and never returned from these, sentences numbers five and six of the entire book:

Her dangling fan earrings clanked at her neck as she leaned in to kiss each of them, Danielle too, and although she held her cigarette, in its mother-of-pearl holder, at arm’s length, its smoke wafted between them and brought tears to Danielle’s eyes. Danielle didn’t wipe them, for fear of disturbing her makeup.

Sure, I guess technically these commas aren’t incorrect, but jeezum crow, Knopf editors. You’re killing me here!

3. I would like to write a treatise on maternity clothes, specifically why in the HELL maternity clothes designers think that when a woman is pregnant, the #1 clothing detail she wants is ruching. Dudes. Everything has fucking ruching! And if it’s not ruched, it’s v-neck. And if by some miracle it’s ruch- and v-neck-free, then it has flowy Stevie Nicks sleeves (just a note: Stevie Nicks insults me on many levels, ears and eyes). I may just go the Christina Aguilera route if the ruche trend continues.

4. Top Model: I could not be happier that stanky Bianker is gone. I think the girls left are pretty slim pickins, but my guess is that Chantal will win, even if she has a wonky eye. Or it might be Saleisha, although that Tootiecut has got to go. Jenah will not win, although she should be commended for making it this far with that nasty weave. Next week: season finale!

5. Project Runway: My love for Christian deepens each week. I think I giggle every time he’s on screen. I just love his carefully sculpted hair and the way I keep thinking he’s a girl at first. I also, despite my better judgment, like Sweet P (not SWT PEE). Also, I hope that all of you able-to-drink-alcohol types have seen Liz’s Project Runway drinking game. It’s hilariously spot-on.

9 Responses to “Five Nuggets for Nuggday.”

  1. gclark said:

    good lord, how are those commas not incorrect?

  2. Professor Fury said:

    ANTM-wise, I wonder if this and last week’s Jenah’s-near-meltdown were edited so that she can Overcome Adversity in the final episode. The show would much rather reward someone who has Overcome Adversity and Grown As A Person, Not Just As A Model than someone who, like Chantal, is filled with the spirit.

  3. bizaleth said:

    I heart Christian–for many of the reasons you mention. I think I’d hate him in person, but on TV, awesome. I wanted to hate Sweet P, but I am digging her. The Ralph Lauren designer–the one that one this week–can’t stand her.

  4. Christina Aguilera » Blog Archive » Five Nuggets for Nuggday. said:

    […] Daily Wallpaper wrote an interesting post today on Five Nuggets for Nuggday.Here’s a quick excerptI may just go the Christina Aguilera route if the ruche trend continues. […]

  5. poobou said:

    I went ahead and embraced my inner hippie when I was pregnant. I mostly wore empire waist tops with really deep v-necks (like the kind where you need a strategically placed safety pin to keep your bra from showing). But then, I was really proud of finally having a full B cup, so I was all about showing off the ladies.

    If you find a maternity shirt that you like that’s free of ruching and v-necks, bring it to my mom and she can take in the sleeves so they aren’t all flowy and Stevie Nicks-ish. I doubt she’d even charge you that much since she adores you.

  6. Lucy said:

    Messud’s prose is, shall we say, a little dense. The Emperor’s Children was disappointing.

    Jenah is my “favorite” remaining “model,” but you’re right: they blow. I miss Heather.

    Speaking of PR and maternity clothes, don’t you wish you could borrow Heidi’s maternity duds from season 2 (or whatever season she was pregnant)?

  7. liz said:

    D’oh, missed ANTM, though I’m not at all surprised that Bianca went. I hated her and her little rodent head.

    Aren’t you finding lots of non-maternity tops that will work? I went shopping this weekend and had to turn down several otherwise cute tops that made me look about 3 months along. Maybe the proportions aren’t right if you actually have a baby in there.

  8. nicksfan24/7 said:


  9. Stevie4EVA said:

    I want to concur with my colleague nicksfan24/7. Your writing has none of the hallmarks of Stevie’s work–none of the grace, intense romantic passion, and certainly no splash of occultic mystery.

    You disgust me.