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20 Aug 2008

Five for Fighting and/or Wednesday.

Written by sally @ 4:53 pm — Section: sally

Some things:

1. Spike has been sick! His first illness, how cute. He has something called daycare-itis, otherwise known as hand, foot, and mouth disease. I know. It’s like hoof and mouth disease, only less bovine. Symptoms include little blisters in the throat and bleating like a goat: ehhhhhhh. Ehhhhhh. Ehhhhhh. He is much better now. Lucky for him.

2. Speaking of Spike, I regret to inform you that the hair is starting to fall out some. He still has the ‘do (when we were in the doctor’s office on Monday, a little redneck kid said HAY MOMMA THAT BABY GOT A MOHAWK) and it’s just thinning in certain spots, but now Spike has the air of a sad old man who used to be hip.

3. Last night I pulled a lodged popcorn kernal (I wanted to type colonel!) out of Larry’s gums. It was incredibly satisfying. Also: a sign of true love.

4. Someone at work told me yesterday that viruses come from the chemicals in the air.

Q: What did Neil Armstrong say when he got tired of exploring space?
A: “I’m over the moon.”

2 Responses to “Five for Fighting and/or Wednesday.”

  1. poobou said:

    Is he getting the bald spot on the back of his head from sleeping on his back? Cate had that. It grew back before her first birthday, but the re-growth gave her an unfortunate mullet effect, and as I much as I didn’t want to cut my pwecious widdle baby’s hair, you’d better believe we trimmed that off right quick.

  2. Elizabeth said:

    Gabe had the bald spot and developed the flat head baby syndrome since he refused to sleep in any other position than flat on his back. He’s just starting to get over both. Spike is TOO cute. I hope he still has enough hair at any given time to form a fauxhawk.