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4 Jan 2011

Electric Banana Infinity.

Written by sally @ 9:08 pm — Section: sally

1. I’m reading Bill Bryson’s At Home and learn that sugar used to come in loaves.
2. Sugarloaf!
3. Is that a band?
4. I better Google it.
5. Ohhh. They sing “Green Eyed Lady.”
6. Wait, what’s this?
7. “The band was originally known as Chocolate Hair.
8. “Chocolate Hair” will now replace “Electric Banana” as my favorite fake 60s band name.
9. My life is ruined! Apparently The Pretty Things, a British band formed in the 60s, is also known as Electric Banana.
10. Wait. My life is back on. The Pretty Things were only known as Electric Banana when they recorded some songs that were used in porn movies and later released as the albums Electric Banana, More Electric Banana, Even More Electric Banana, and the Return of the Electric Banana.

4 Responses to “Electric Banana Infinity.”

  1. Leslie said:

    Hey, Sally! I emailed you at gmail, but I failed to scratch your name on my arm with a fountain pen. Does this mean that you never received my question? I would like to paint your peanut butter chocolate cake. Since sending my request, I have become totally addicted to your blog, so if flattery makes a difference, I’ll be happy to send some your way. Cheers.

  2. larry ferrari said:

    I have always wondered how the band The Electric Prunes arrived at that name. I mean of all the fruits to electrify, prunes???

  3. ap said:

    I just clicked over to Leslie’s site because I was confused about what painting a peanut butter chocolate cake meant. Now I understand and think this would be awesome. Did you see the donuts?

  4. Sally said:

    I know! I am honored that someone so talented wants to paint that cake.