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30 Oct 2007

Eight Exciting Things I Have Seen or Heard Lately!

Written by sally @ 9:16 am — Section: sally

Vanity tags! Weirdos! Giant trophies!

1. License plates:


2. A man who pronounced the word “accurate” as “akrit.” As in, “Yeah, ‘at’s about akrit.”

3. An old lady who mistook her lipliner for her eyebrow pencil and thus drew on some shaky hot pink eyebrows.

4. A luncheon buffet that included: pork lenderloin, lasagna, and butter beans. Combination of champions!

5. The cutest episode of Pushing Daisies EVER, which featured the adorable Olive Snook singing “Birdhouse in Your Soul.” Kill me now. There’s just nothing wrong with this show.

6. Liz standing behind some lunatics shoving sopping wet Krystals down their gullets on ESPN! Liz’s two seconds of fame reveal that she is pretty and can go “wooooooooooo” like a champ.

7. A dream in which I had twins, but I was having trouble telling them apart due to the fact THAT THEY WERE HEADLESS.

8. AN ENORMOUS TROPHY WON BY LARRY IN A RED BEANS AND RICE CONTEST! (Ok, so his team won, but he did all the cooking, so whatever, it’s his trophy.) Like so:


(Cat and mousie included for scale. Poor photo quality brought to you by the Mac OS upgrade, which has fugged up my Photoshop.)

6 Responses to “Eight Exciting Things I Have Seen or Heard Lately!”

  1. The Diplomat said:

    Larry’s beans were the best. No doubt. And the bloodies.

    Thanks Larry!

  2. gorjus said:

    WHOA! That’s one huge trophy! Congrats!

  3. poobou said:

    When I’m in my 80’s, I am totally going to rock the hot pink eyebrows every day and just let everyone shrug it off as senility.

    Where on earth are you going to store that enormous trophy in your house?

  4. Danielle said:

    That is quite a trophy.

    Can I just say that I generally hate Kristin Chenowith? HATE HATE HATE! But Pushing Daisies is so delightful that I actually (gulp) sort of like her in it.

  5. Liz said:

    I got excited for a minute that Larry won a bean and rice eating contest. Shows where my head is. I love the lady with hot pink eyebrows. Love!

  6. gorjus said:

    Oh, it wasn’t an eating contest! It was a cooking contest! What you made needed to be very delicious.