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12 Aug 2006

Written by sally @ 9:15 pm — Section: sally

Today Larry was talking to his mom on the phone about our backyard project.

Larry: Yeah, I’m not sure what to plant in the back.
Larry’s mom: How come?
Larry: Well, it’s got to be something that can do ok with all the shade back there. I need to look at some regional landscaping books to get some ideas.
Larry’s mom: You know, the internet is a great place to get ideas.
Larry: (laughing quietly)
Larry’s mom: Yeah, my friend Betty found everything she needed, pictures and everything.
Larry: Huh.
Larry’s mom: You should just type in and see if anything comes up.
Larry: I’ll do that.

People, do you get it? Larry’s mom thought that to search for something, you just typed in a phrase with .com on the end and it would come up! That is adorable and/or scary! I sort of love this story. How many times have I managed to say the words shady shrub dot com in the last 12 hours? Way more than is funny.

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  1. poobou said:

    I have a feeling she is going to wind up on some really scary websites with her current search method.

    Btw, I also had the “I don’t know what to plant in our yard” conversation with my mom this summer. The next week, as if by magic, three gardening books showed up in my mailbox, courtesy of Amazon. Thanks, Mom!

  2. melinda said:

    Let me assure you, there are about a million people with the computer aptitude of Larry’s mom hanging out at my public library every blessed day. My faves are the ones who sit down at a computer, open up an Explorer browser, and then shout at me in anguish: “But how do I get onto the INTERNET???” Or the ones who simply type the word “google” into the browser’s address bar, sit back, and wait for the machine to do its special magic…