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29 Aug 2010

Do I Dare to Peel a Peach?

Written by sally @ 12:59 pm — Section: sally

I’m a big fan of ignoring practical advice where cooking is involved, I guess because when Alton Brown says that the best way to peel a potato is to don a spacesuit, run in place, and then use a specialized tool, I start rolling my eyes. But something overtook me this afternoon and in preparation of making a peach tart, I actually followed the advice I read somewhere which is to put the peaches in boiling water for one minute, then in cold water for one minute, and then the skin would peel right off. So. It turns out that this is true. The bonus of all this is that the flesh comes away from the pit like a dream, and my peach-related desserts no longer have to look like someone with a secret peach hatred had their way with them in the kitchen.

I am passing this tip on to you out of love and respect for non-mauled peaches, friends.

3 Responses to “Do I Dare to Peel a Peach?”

  1. d-ashes said:

    Certainly you know that Alton Brown is famously not a fan of ‘uni-taskers.’

  2. sally said:

    I meant something like a melon baller. Description fail!

  3. Christy said:

    I had to let you know I am making a plum and peach crisp today and came back to this post specifically for your tip. I predict you are the next Rachel Ray.