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20 Dec 2009

Different A-Word.

Written by sally @ 3:23 pm — Section: Uncategorized

We live in an older house, built in the 40s, and as such have limited storage. Thus, we tend to stash a bunch of stuff in the attic. As I do not enjoy rickety pull-down stairs, the attic is Larry’s domain. The other day when I asked him to put some stuff up there, he kind of had a tiny hissy fit about how much he hated going up there. So today, when I still needed some stuff put up there, we had this conversation:

Me: So…about that stuff that needs to go into the (pause, pointing upstairs) a-word.
Larry: (in a stage whisper) Do you mean “asshole”?
Me: Yesssss. I need you to put the rocking horse IN MY ASSHOLE.

One Response to “Different A-Word.”

  1. Jay said:

    This is going to dramatically change your search engine keywords.